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Pleasant and friendly
Located at the national road
Lublin - Warsaw

Hotel Bellis Dębówka 28B, 20-050 Lublin, Poland | Tel. +48 81 742 61 06 | E-mail:


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We are pleased to give at your disposal Hotel Bellis, which is designed to make our Guests feel safe and comfortable.

During development of the Hotel we were guided by timeless ideals: simplicity of form which does not overwhelm, the functionality and high quality materials.

Location of the Hotel Bellis on the direct national road S-17 provides you with quick and easy access to downtown and major shopping centers, scientific and cultural places.

An ideal place to relax is a cafe and a large garden, which allows you to take a break in comfortable surroundings. The nearby forest, Open Air Village Museum and the Botanical Gardens, which are located near the hotel, will provide contact with nature, and diversify your free time.

There is a Front Desk, wireless Internet access available throughout the building and free parking. Friendly, professional staff makes every guest feel exceptionally from the first moments of your stay at the hotel, which in addition to your safety is monitored 24 hours a day.

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