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About our hotel ***

We are pleased to give you the Hotel Bellis, which was created with the thought that our Guest would be his complement to make him feel safe and comfortable in it.
During the design work we were guided by timeless ideas: the simplicity of the form, which does not overwhelm, the functionality of the interior design and high-quality materials.
The location of the Hotel Bellis directly on the national road S-17 allows you fast and easy access to the center of Lublin and important commercial, scientific and cultural facilities.
An ideal place to relax is a cafe and a large garden that allows you to break away from the city noise and rest in comfortable conditions. Nearby forest, Museum of the Lublin Countryside or the Botanical Garden, which are located near the Hotel will ensure contact with nature and a variety of free time.


There is a 24-hour reception, Wi-Fi available throughout the hotel, and free parking spaces. Friendly, professional service makes every guest feel special from the first moments of staying
in a hotel, which, in addition to providing you with a safe stay or accommodation, is covered by monitoring.

24-hour reception
Free parking spaces

Free wifi

every guest with us

will feel special